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Mt. Merchant Powers Personalized Shopping for 200 Million Online Sears Shoppers [Case Study]

Below is a case study of Mt. Merchant’s work with Sears. You can also download a full packet of You can also download a full packet of Mt. Merchant case studies here.

The Company

Sears LogoFounded in 1886, Sears is a brick-and-mortar and online retailer that began as a mail order catalog company. It is the largest provider of home services in America, with more than 14 million service and installation calls made annually. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation, which earned $25.1 billion in revenue in 2015.

The Challenge

In 2007, Sears called on Mt. Merchant’s founders, then operating a retail integrations consulting business called COI, to answer the question that all brick-and-mortar stores now ask: How can it compete with rapidly growing online-only retailers? For Sears, the goal was even loftier: How can we compete with the biggest online retailer? You might know the one.

The Solution

Mt. Merchant created a system that goes far beyond standard analytics. It uses customer data to clearly see who is purchasing which products, when, where, and for how much. It then takes that customer and her purchase and viewing history, and compares her to other similar customers, those who similarly buy and view.

The system then identifies the best bundle of “You Might Like” products to recommend, and delivers those recommendations via email, directly on the website, or within the Sears mobile app for each customer, in real time.

Today, Mt. Merchant’s systemic solution is the largest component of, with thousands of servers working to provide customized recommendations to each customer.

The Results

Mt. Merchant’s solution resulted in the advent of a personalized shopping experience for 200 million customers and revenue and profit lifts that we can apply to your business.

  • 12-18% revenue lift on recommendation carousels
  • 4% profit lift

Header image courtesy of Sears Holdings Corporation

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