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Mt. Merchant Boosts Kenmore Revenue by Up to 15% with Personalized Shopping [Case Study]

Kenmore LogoBelow is a case study of Mt. Merchant’s work with Kenmore. You can also download a full packet of You can also download a full packet of Mt. Merchant case studies here.

The Company

Kenmore is a household appliances brand that offers everything from washers, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators to sewing machines, air purifiers, and television sets. The appliances are sold online and in-store by Sears and Kmart.

The Challenge

Selling costly appliances online can be a tough business. While consumers are warming up more and more to the idea, there’s still a certain feeling that comes with spinning a washer agitator yourself or turning the knobs of that cooktop that could soon be yours. Kenmore came to Mt. Merchant’s founders to learn how it could increase revenue and profit lift, particularly since most Kenmore products are high margin items.

The Solution

Mt. Merchant enacted a suite of solutions to boost Kenmore’s performance, including one we call “Mini Cart.” With this feature, customers are prompted to consider additional add-on purchases once they’ve finished checking out online.

If a customer just purchased a vacuum cleaner, for example, she may receive a buy-one-get-one free offer for the purchase of vacuum cleaner bags to go along with it. Or perhaps the suggested item is simply a featured product, such as a microwave or even a necklace or bracelet from an unrelated, but customer-relevant brand or category on the website.

This system works well across many online retailer sites, and it’s highly effective due to the ease of transaction that is built-in. It allows customers to check out again while on the same page, thus the name: Mini Cart.

The Results

Revenue lift on high margin items can be a huge boon for business. For Kenmore, the numbers made a substantial bottom-line difference.

  • 10-15% revenue lift on high margin items

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